SafetyWing in Action: Enelin’s Case Study

Imagine walking through the streets of Rio De Janeiro, being happy and carefree, traveling, working abroad, and living your life.

Now imagine that, without warning, things suddenly take a turn for the worse. You trip and fall, and get seriously injured.

What do you do?

Thankfully, when this happened to SafetyWing team member Enelin Paas, she was insured.

“While I was on my way home, I fell through a rocky hole in the street and smashed my toe! I didn’t think much of it and decided to continue on with life, expecting the pain and swelling to fade away within a few days.

But the pain got worse, and the swelling got larger.

Five days after the incident, due to an abnormal amount of pain and inflammation, I decided it was time to go to the doctor.
He told me that the toe had become infected, and immediately started me on a course of antibiotics.

As a digital nomad, I know how important it is to have medical insurance, so I was fully insured through SafetyWing’s digital nomad insurance plan.

After receiving the antibiotics from the pharmacy, I signed onto the online claim portal and downloaded a PDF of the medical claim form from the insurance provider. After filling it out, I sent to it to the designated claim email address along with receipts from the hospital and pharmacy.

And that’s it!

Within 24hrs, they sent me back an email saying that they received the claim.

The email noted that they would evaluate the claim and send out a letter with the results of the review which would also detail any potential next steps.

They also made note of how I could track each step of the claim process via their online portal, Client Zone.

Then, one month later, on June 19th, I got a letter with the results of the insurance review.

They agreed with the claim and sent me a letter explaining my policy, my benefits, and information on how to appeal the claim if I felt the decision was inappropriate.

Because my SafetyWing insurance plan had a $250 deductible, the money I paid to the doctor and pharmacy was subtracted from that deductible.
Now, if anything else happens in the next 11 months, my deductible drops to $141.20 (the medical bills cost $108.80).

That deductible resets to $250 after one year.

Overall, I felt comfortable with the process and with the coverage that SafetyWing provided. Making a claim was super simple as I only had to send out one email and could continually check on the status of the claim as it was being processed.

So next time I trip and fall — anywhere in the world — I know I’m covered! “

Stories like Enelin’s are not uncommon.

Every day, digital nomads around the world live and work abroad, and they need to be protected from the potential hazards that exist in each travel destination.

Because whether you’re relaxing on the beach in Bali or back at home during the holidays or walking along a rocky road in Rio De Janeiro, you need to have insurance.

SafetyWing is currently the only insurance provider with insurance plans specifically designed to meet the growing needs of digital nomads.

Check out SafteyWing for a complete explanation of how each comprehensive insurance policy strives to fully cover the insurance demands of all the digital nomads in the world.



Building a global safety net that offers travel medical insurance and global health insurance for remote companies and individuals.

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Building a global safety net that offers travel medical insurance and global health insurance for remote companies and individuals.